Wood Type Identification System using Naive Bayes Classification

Muhammad Anas Yulianto, Abdul Fadlil


Wood, a forest product and natural resource, is a raw material used to make household goods. Some types of wood have almost the same pattern or structure. Wood quality varies greatly depending on the tree species and the environmental conditions in which it grows. This makes it challenging to identify the type of wood, especially for wooden furniture users. Therefore, wood classification is essential to ensure that the wood used meets the required quality standards and requirements. Automatic classification of wood using image processing has several advantages and can make it easier for humans. One of the image processing methods for wood classification is the Naïve Bayes method. Feature extraction technique using GLCM using contrast, correlation, energy, and homogeneity attributes. The GLCM methods can be combined to create a system design to distinguish five wood species using an image-based wood type identification system. The study results have successfully designed a system to determine five types of wood using the framework of an image-based wood type identification system. An application system has been produced to distinguish five types of wood using the framework of an image-based wood type identification system with the GLCM feature extraction method and the Naive Bayes classification method. The application system successfully identified wood species with a test accuracy rate of 88%.


Naive Bayes; Wood Classification; GLCM; MATLAB

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.59247/csol.v1i3.52


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