Implementation of PID Control for Angular Position Control of Dynamixel Servo Motor

Nur Ramadhani, Alfian Ma'arif, Abdullah Çakan


Dynamixel servo motors, characterized by their compact size and high torque output, are made of high-quality materials that ensure the necessary strength and structural robustness against external forces. However, these motors are prone to overheating under certain internal conditions, such as temperature or supply voltage fluctuations during prolonged use. This research aims to design and apply PID control methodology to regulate Dynamixel servo motors. The research includes motor implementation using the PID method and subsequent testing with varying voltage inputs ranging from 11V to 12V. Addressing these issues involves using the Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) control method, widely recognized for its reliability in controlling motor speed. The research successfully designed Dynamixel servo motors capable of PID-controlled rotation according to predefined reference values. The motor's PID control design involved multiple trial runs - up to 5 instances - for each proportional, integral, and derivative control. The default PID parameter implementation did not match the setpoint; however, a re-tuned PID method yielded optimal results with parameter values Kp = 0.01000; Ki = 0.02703; Kd = 0.00005. Test results showed that the PID-controlled Dynamixel servomotor accurately achieved the expected angular output of 75°. In addition, tests using voltage inputs ranging from 11.00 to 12.00 volts showed stable operation without changing the servo motor's angular position before applying the PID control value, ensuring consistent motion even as the voltage drops.


Servo Motor, Dynamixel, OpenCM 9.04, PID, Angular Position

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